Elections 2016

Who is going to be the next PRESIDENT of the United States of America?

Or, more precisely, HOW does the electoral system work, WHO are the candidates, WHAT issues are being discussed in the campaign?These are only some of the questions that our extracurricular course (AG) has been working on for the past weeks. We are taking part in the “Election 2016 Project” by the U.S. Embassy in Berlin (www.teachaboutus.org). We are enrolled in an online course that offers a tremendous amount of material and includes an interactive platform.

Each participating school has been assigned a U.S. state, in our case it is the state of Nevada!

We will have to make a prediction about how the people in Nevada are going to vote on November 8th!

We are excited about that, as Nevada has always been a swing state, which means that the people in this state have both supported the Democratic and the Republican Party in the past, so the prediction is not easy!

By the end of October we will design a creative product which illustrates our vote.

We have decided to make a video and include a jingle. The video will show examples of the great variety of the residents in Nevada, their views and preferred candidate.

We hope our product will convince the jury and also that our prediction will be accurate!

We’ll know more about that in November, so keep your fingers crossed!

AG  Elections 2016