The Phoenix Theatre “New Beginnings” and “Minnie and Friends”

On November 23rd, the Phoenix Theatre visited PMG.  They presented two plays.  The play that they presented to years 7-9 was about a girl who found her grandmother’s diary.  It was about her journey as an immigrant who came by boat from Hamburg to New York City.  On her journey, she met her future husband, but she also had to face some difficult situations.  The actors, Ben and Steph, involved the audience well, e.g. a student from 9a was chosen to be the doctor’s personal assistant.  The play was funny and well acted.  It was interesting, exciting and amazing, but some students said that it was too difficult for year 7.  ~ written by students in year 9.

The second play that the Phoenix Theater presented, for years 5 -6, was “Minnie and Friends.”  This told the story of a witch, Minnie, and her friend, Finn.  Finn really wants to win a talent competition, and tries hard to be someone else in order to win.  In the end, he discovers that it is okay to just be himself.  The Phoenix Theater involved the audience and everyone had a good laugh.
One student in grade 5 wrote “I liked the play because it was so funny and I can understand everything!”  Another student in grade 5 wrote “ The play was very, very, very funny.  I’m happy.  My favourite part was the magic tricks because they were funny.”  Overall, the students liked the play and said that it made them laugh.  Their favourite parts were the talent show, students being asked on stage, and the way the actors laughed. 
In the end, it was a fun time had by all.  A big thank you to Phoenix Theatre for bringing laughter and the magic of English Theatre to PMG.
Emily Lämmle