Class 5C - Ghost stories

Who is the burgler ?

One night, I’m in my bed, my sister and my brother are in their rooms. My parents aren’t at home. It is very quiet. Suddenly I hear a hollow noise. First I think: Oh, my parents! But it can’t be my parents, I can’t hear their voices. And they wouldn’t make such noise. Then I hear steps slowly coming upstairs. I stop breathing. The steps are coming to my door. The door-handle goes down and then...then...then I wake up.

The end

Nicola Renn

In the darkness

It is a sunny afternoon. I go in the basement and get a bottle of water. I open the door of the basement. I can’t believe my eyes. I see darkness, the light doesn’t work. I wait a moment before I put my right foot on the first step. I’m frightened of the cold and the rotten stairs. I’m a little scared, but I’m also excited what comes next.

With my left hand I touch along the wall. The wall is as cold as the stairs. I arrive in the basement and I look for a light-switch and I have success. When I look down on my hands, I see that they are full of mud and dirt. Now I look into the room and I can’t believe my eyes again, because the room seems to be from the middle-ages…

The room is full with old things: an old cupboard, an old sofa and a yellow lamp. On the floor, there is an old carpet. Finally, I see what I need. I take a bottle of water and I go back to the stairs. I press the light-switch and it is dark again, but I feel that something moves in the room and I scream. A moment later, my mother, my father, my grandmother and my grandfather open the door and I run. I’m happy to be back from the basement. But now I see a mouse with an ear and a half.

The End


My scary story

On a beautiful evening my little brother Jakob and I go into our room. Jakob sleeps at first, then I.

At midnight I wake up, because a shadow comes to me. I see how the shadow comes nearer and nearer. Then I get very scared. I hear how the shadow says to me: “Can you give me a glass of water, please?”

I start laughing, because I notice that it is Jakob. Then I get him a glass of water and we go to sleep again.


Luise Bruns

The old story about fake money

Janne and Lena love old books. They visit the library almost every day. But they don’t visit the children’s department. You have to look for them in the old book department.

At the moment Janne and Lena read two books. Suddenly Lena shouts: ”Janne read this, this is very exciting. Queen Johanna the 5th has to give up her throne because of fake money and this is how it happens: Queen Johanna knows that somebody wants her throne. The law says that only a rich woman can take it - and this only when the Queen is dead. But the Queen doesn’t know how anyone can get so much money. So she doesn’t worry about that. One year later it happens. Outside there is a big thunderstorm, suddenly the door opens and everything goes black. When she opens her eyes, she wakes up in an old house. All the others think she is dead. The people have a new Queen, richer than Queen Johanna, but nobody notices that it is fake money.“  Janne turns the page and says: “Look, here it goes on! There are only two children who travel into the past who are able to save her.”

Annika Henne
April 21st, 2012